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Synod Postponed

Dear Friends in Saint Augustine,


As the date for our Synod draws ever closer I am very conscious that many people are concerned and even worried about the impact of Covid-19 (The Corona Virus).  Many have expressed these concerns to me personally or to other members involved in the planning of this day.

It is with great reluctance that we have taken the decision to postpone our Synod Day.  We are, of course, disappointed to do so but it is the right decision and made in the best interests of our participants and all concerned.

There is good news however, and that is that we have already set the new date for our gathering!  The Synod will take place in the same location, Lyrath Estate Conference Centre, and follow the same format on Saturday October 10th.  The Organising Committee will meet in the coming days to see what we have learned even from this part of the experience and we are sure the resulting Synod Day will be as good if not better, not withstanding this measure which we take in good faith.  We will endeavour to continue our planning process in the interim and fine tune the entire process even further.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by this virus.  Those who have sadly died, those who are ill and those who have the onerous task of managing this crisis.  May God direct all efforts to a speedy conclusion and a healthy outcome for all.


Yours in Saint Augustine,

John Hennebry osa and all the Organising Committee.


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