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Br. Stephen's Story

Brother Stephen and a group of people recieving certs on becoming referees.

Br. Stephen and other referees receiving an Adult Referee Course Certificate from the GAA President, Mr John Hogan.


One of my earliest memories is of my two brothers and myself ‘saying mass’ when we were younger in the upstairs of my father’s pub. In fact, thinking back, many of my memories revolve around such things as attending Mass, going to altar-boy practice or participating in the local novena. If this makes me sound devoutly religious, I am anything but. However, the point is that I had a normal Irish childhood, and many reading this will have similar memories.

Obviously, at such an early age, I had little intention of entering Religious life. But this changed when I entered Secondary School, and a returning missionary showed us a presentation on leprosy in Ethiopia. This deeply touched me, and I remember fundraising for the Brother, and my Religion teacher saying that she would be proud if I became a Priest/brother. Perhaps she saw something I didn’t? At that time, I remember thinking the life of a religious was very daring and exciting. As one was helping the poorest in our world and society. I still think this is part of my vocational calling today!

Fr. Colm O'Mahony's Story

Two Augustinian Friars Originally from Cork, Fr. Colm started out studying and working in Social Science and Social Care. Now, an Augustinian friar based in Drogheda, Co. Louth, one might well ask how Fr. Colm changed course to a life of community and prayer with the Augustinians. Or perhaps it was not that much of a shift! Let us follow the story some more and discover the man that has formed into the friar and the Order that has inspired the man. So, after leaving school in Cork Colm continued his education in UCC for three years, qualifying in Social Science in 1999. This degree opened the door to a life changing experience of working in residential centres for children and for people with specific needs. Working in such an environment comes with its rewards and challenges. As Fr. Colm says No day was the same; I was working with people who were severely intellectually or physically disabled. Over two years I worked particularly with one young man who was autistic. I had to assist him in all aspects of self-care, social interaction and life skills. I learned so much from him; how a person’s personality can shine through even with such limits and how to communicate and be with someone without having to speak.”...

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